My Travelling

I am not a very active traveller, but I like exploring other countries. Sometimes I travel as a tourist, sometimes I pack all my stuff and move. Here are places I visited and lived in:

Novosibirsk (1986 — August, 2010)

The place I was born.

Kazakhstan (late August — early September, 2007)

My first trip abroad with my father to his schoolmate in Kazakhstan.

United States, California (June, 2010)

Two weeks business-trip to California. San Jose and San Francisco.

Moscow (August, 2010 — June, 2014)

A city I lived for almost 4 years. A city where I got married.

Ukraine, Odessa (September, 2010)

A city where a friend of mine worked. My first trip since I relocated to Moscow in 2010.

Vietnam, Phan Thiet & Dalat (June, 2011)

My first vacation abroad.

United States, New York (March, 2012)

A business trip to New York in 2012. Mostly Manhattan.

Germany, Berlin (November, 2012)

A brief vacation in Berlin to start exploring Europe.

Ukraine, Kiev (May, 2013)

A first vacation with my future wife in 2013.

Vietnam: Hanoi, Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay (February, 2014)

Our second vacation, this time in Asia.

Canada, Vancouver (June, 2014 — present)

I live in Vancouver since June 16th, 2014.

United States, Seattle (November, 2014)

A small car trip from Vancouver to Seattle, November 18th — 23th, 2014.

Mexico, Puerto Vallarta (August, 2015)

A first vacation since I moved to Canada.

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