My Fund

You might have noticed that I added a new page to this blog: My Fund. It is about a personal money management vehicle I run.

As I’ve written before, I don’t like savings accounts interest rate (especially in Canada) paid by major banks. The best you can expect is 2.5% if you commit and lock your money for 3 years.

I also don’t like buy and hold vehicles offering mixed bonds + stocks portfolio investments. I have written why I don’t buy stocks as well.

I have been in favor of precious metals for a long time, but not I am not and I have also written why.

So it is a time for a self-directed active approach that utilizes stocks, options and frequent trading based on probabilities. Let’s see how this will work. Many of my ideas were inspired by a Tasty Trade show and The Iron Condor blog, but I do lots of other reading.

I am committed to publish all my trades in a separate blog: Edge Trades. Here I will continue discussing life in Canada and other non-technical subjects, but occasionally I will summarize my trading results here on a monthly basis.

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