End-to-end costs of moving to Canada

Just for those who might wonder what are the costs of our move. Here are some rough estimates in USD. The relocation package I got has compensated me for this, we even managed to save a little for ourselves 🙂

Airplane tickets (for two) ~1600
1 week at hotel (3*) ~1330
1 month rent ~860
Security deposit ~410
40” HD TV set ~533
Sofa ~490
Kitchen table, 4 chairs ~200
Queen-size bed + matress ~700
Nightstand (x2) ~90
Dresser ~80
Appliances ~230
Different stuff ~1800
Restaurants, eating out, taxis.. ~1000
iPhone 5s (x2, with 2 yr. plan) ~600

All in all it is about 10,000 USD. This doesn’t include food in a fridge and other minor stuff we purchased this month. Well.. and of course… the paycheck is still more than one month ahead 😉

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10 Responses to End-to-end costs of moving to Canada

  1. 1 month rent is 820 ?! I thought Vancouver is an expensive town. We are paying 2500 in bay area 😦

    • It is actually ~860 USD, I have made a little mistake.

      With regards to 2500 USD you pay, would you like to tell us what exactly are you getting for this money?

      • 1 bedroom (i.e. similar to Russian 2 rooms) apartment in a good complex. About 80 sq meters, top floor, high ceiling (about 3 meters high in the living room), free underground parking for 2 cars, washer & dryer are in the apartment.
        3 years ago it cost 1900, will be 2500 in August when I renewing the lease.
        Electricity bill + water + garbage = additional $60-$80.
        Mandatory renters insurance = additional $10
        Property prices are crazy in bay area.

        • Okay, in Vancouver we have a little less for our money, but the price is lower accordingly. See for yourself:

          1 bedroom in exactly same sense as yours, complex is… okay. Nothing fancy, but the area is good, the place is quiet, no hard traffic, exactly as we wanted it to be (20-25 minutes to the office in downtown on one bus including walk to and from the bus stop). Ceilings are like we used to in Russia, not high, not low. Okay. A first floor though, but I wouldn’t say it is that bad after all. Yes, a little discomfort because you have to put curtains on windows all the time, especially at the bedroom. The laundry is in a basement.

          We don’t pay for parking lot (extra $25 CAD/mo), because we have no car yet. We don’t have underground parking. It is on a backyard. Alternatively we can purchase a permit to park on a street next to the building for ($70/year).

          Both cold/hot water, heat, garbage are $0. They are included in a rent. Electricity in BC is cheap. Haven’t seen the bill yet, but a number of people told us to expect something in realm of $20-30 CAD.

          We don’t pay any insurance, the landlord… may be.

          So the current bottom line is… $910 CAD = $837 USD. Per month. We’re going to pay for parking lot starting from the next month because we still want people to come and park on our lot. So let’s add $25 CAD, it is $935 CAD or $860 USD and we’re done.

          So we live here for 2 weeks now.. I don’t see any apparent disadvantages.

        • Forgot to mention one thing. Our apartment is ~46 sqm. We don’t have much stuff though, we had a hard time stuffing even this small place with furniture 🙂

          So this was entirely our choice to save a bundle on rent by starting small. Vancouver can be as expensive as you wish. You can rent a mansion in North Vancouver, and believe me, it will cost A HELL LOT 🙂

          Many people go for a rent in Downtown, it could be $1200-1400 CAD per month. We didn’t like Downtown so much to agree on that and we were lucky enough to find this place for below market price. After all, 300-400 bucks a month worth of savings is not bad 🙂

  2. Последний пункт порадовал 🙂

  3. Olena Lunova says:

    Поздравляю с новым домом.
    А где вы покупали кровати, матрасы и др мебель?

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